What I do

Visual Design

     Let’s be real: looks matter. You want your wedding invitations to look romantic, your resumé professional and website fun, yet trustworthy. If you ask me, projects of every size (yes, even your dog’s birthday party) deserve a well-thought-out visual identity that keeps everything from your logo to the freebies you send out cohesive.

Digital Art

     Sure, there’s nothing like the feel  of graphite against a fresh, matte sheet of paper – but having the ability to make infinite versions of your design and use it  in any way imaginable comes pretty darn close. Posters, invitations, business presentations, e-mails … My art work is always delivered in multiple formats and variants ideal for web, print and branding.

Business Advisory

     What you tell your clients is important; but what your clients think you’re telling them is even more important. To break through the noise, a post on Instagram needs to be as well written as an official press release. No matter who you want to talk to and what you want to say – I know how to get your message through.