Growing up, “creative” was not a word I used to describe myself. You would find me buried in a somber autobiography rather than playing house with the other kids at school. When playing make-believe I still kept it real and I always tried to stay in the lane when cruising the roads of racing video games. It was not until I grew up that I realized that I do in fact possess a great deal of creativity – it has just not been showcased in a typical manner. When other kids reached for their Crayola crayons, I explored the world of coding and photo manipulation and instead of writing music I became an early fan of the art of typography.

Today, I like to describe myself as a multi-talented overachiever. I loathe boredom and always keep busy exploring and understanding new areas of expertise, which becomes quite clear at a glance of my resume. I love a challenge and is always up for trying something new. No matter what you would like my help with – I am here for you, and I will deliver with a cherry on top. Have a look around, browse what I have to offer and maybe even bring a piece of me home. Welcome!

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